roseladyHi there, I’m Rose! Welcome to avocado bravado. This blog is mostly about food. Sometimes about my life, my work, but mostly about food.

Cooking is magic. Poaching an egg, transforming flour, water, and yeast into dough, and cracking open a jar of homemade tomato sauce in the middle of winter all make me feel like some sort of culinary wizard. I was a picky eater for most of my life, preferring grilled cheese and fast food to anything else. At the age of 21 when I was living in my own, I realized cooking was a life skill I was completely lacking. I found a recipe, bought some vegetables, went home, and cut an onion for the first time. My love for cooking followed soon after. Many of the recipes you’ll find here have a Middle Eastern influence to them. I first dipped my toes into learning how to cook when I was living in Egypt and Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food just so happens to be my favorite.

I don’t focus on making the most photogenic or perfect dishes. I leave stems on herbs, chop vegetables haphazardly, and my egg yolks break way more often than I care to admit. I don’t care if you buy organic or non-organic food. I care about making delicious food because for a really long time I had no idea food could actually be good. Now I think cooking is for everyone, but for a large chunk of my life I thought it was best left to the experts. Most of my recipes are flexible and my hope is that you will experiment with them and develop confidence in the kitchen, regardless of whether you’re new to cooking or not. Let’s all put on our robes and wizard hats and whip up a fine bowl of mujaddara.

My biggest cooking influences are Claudia Roden, Tamar Adler, the last good meal I had at a restaurant, and your great grandma.

Originally from Flint, Michigan, I currently live in Portland, Oregon. Previous places I’ve called home are: Cairo, San Francisco, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. I share a tiny little apartment with my husband Cory and our goofy one-eyed cat Izzy Goo.

I like things that are pretty, weird, and creepy. My blog and Etsy shop are my outlets for pretty. Twitter is my outlet for weird and dumb. I reserve creepy for home decor and scaring myself to sleep with creepypasta.

The only frequently asked question:

Hey, I followed your blog forever ago. Where did all your recipes go?

This blog was hacked back in 2012! Let that be a reminder to always update your WordPress plugins. I decided to start this blog over from scratch because I posted a quite a few duds in the past. If there are any old recipes of mine you’d like, please shoot me an e-mail through the Contact form to the right or get in touch via Twitter.