home sweet new home

After two months with my dad in Flint, we’re finally back in our own place. We had a good summer eating the bounty from dad’s garden, taking a quick trip to Chicago, indulging in childhood comfort foods, and learning how to can from my dad. Sharing a bedroom for 2 months with my husband surrounded by posters, VHS tapes, and CDs from my teenage years quickly lost its novelty. We had a fun “summer vacation”, but it still felt like we were in limbo. We didn’t get any work done since we didn’t have enough space to set up our computers properly.


We moved into our new apartment last Friday, on what seemed to be one of the hottest days of the year. Silly me for always insisting on moving to pre-WWII buildings without air conditioning, right? The apartment is a not-quite-400-square-foot studio in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, just next to the Food Co-Op and farmers market. Bubble wrap and cardboard boxes still lurk in every corner, but our desks and computers are set up, the kitchen is stocked, books are shelved, and IKEA furniture has been assembled. There’s still some clean up and organization to do and a few decorating projects — replacing the blinds with curtains, hanging up artwork, and finding a new rug, but I finally feel at home again. Not to mention I’ve already made granola, yogurt, and bought a pound of lard. I’m feeling very Ann Arbor.


This is the moment I’ve been waiting for and the reason why we left our cozy office jobs 3 months ago. I am now my own boss and the master of my own destiny. IT’S TIME TO DO… STUFF. Yeah!

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