link lovin’ – march 2014

detroitDetroit, Michigan

What I’m listening to: Egyptian Lover. You’ve got a soft spot for 80s electro hip hop, right?
What I’m reading: My Life as a Mountbatten by Pamela Hicks. Uh yeah, still going through a rich English folk phase. It’s a little embarrassing.
What I’m eating: Parmesan Beans with Kale and Sausage from Katie at the Kitchen Door
What I’m playing: Cory and I usually watch something while we eat dinner together. After we exhausted everything Amazon Instant and Netflix had to offer from Anthony Bourdain, Michael Palin, Ricky Gervais, and Karl Pilkington, we started playing games together. So far we’ve played, The Wolf Among Us, Long Live the Queen, The Yawhg, and we just finished up The Walking Dead last night. I’m not a fan of the zombie genre and had no expectations for the Walking Dead but I ended up loving it. The ending had me in tears for much of the night. The only thing that made me feel better was to look up stupid fan art, which I’m pretty sure cures lots of things.


// Roasted garlic is heaven. I often roast garlic to spread on toast and slip into soups, but I’ve never used it as a salad dressing.

// Need to get my hands on some cheap mangoes for this Mango Chana Masala from the taste space.

// Spring and autumn are short in Michigan, and it’s going to get hot very soon. Should we get an air conditioner that we will only use for a month, or should I drink Cinnamon Dolce Iced Coffees and horchata non-stop? Hmm.

// This Pasticho (Venezuelan Lasagna) from Tara’s Multicultural Table looks absolutely delicious.

// New twist on deviled eggs. Guacamole Deviled Eggs… because avocados make everything better.

// Need to butter up to someone? This Peanut Butter Fudge from The Sugar Hit would make a great gift.

Design, Development, and Freelancing:

// Zoe Rooney’s Workflow for Setting Up a Custom WordPress Theme Project

// Pretty desktop wallpaper from Jess Creatives, just in time for April.

// 10 client boundaries to have in place as a freelancer. Note to self: stop answering work-related e-mails at 1 am.

// The Power of Collaboration & Personal Projects from Nicole’s Classes.

// Cylburn, a semi-connected script font from the Lost Type Co-Op.

Good reads:

// A This American Life episode about Ibragim Todashev, shot and killed by the FBI was allegedly friends with one of the Boston Marathon bombers, but the circumstances behind his death aren’t entirely known.

// Why Carl Sagan is truly irreplaceable

// How a man in India revolutionized menstrual health for women in developing countries

// Debunking the Attempted Debunking of Our 10 Poverty Myths, Debunked

// Brave Jezebel writer and her friends cooked some gross recipes from the 1950s. Why bother eating something if it’s not in a jello mold? I’ve since spent hours reading Mid Century Menu, in awe and disgust.

// Modern Faces of Kabul

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