memories of turkey

This time two years ago, Cory and I were in Turkey. I never got around to writing about the trip in depth here, and I can’t quite do that now. Faces are now blurred and names have been forgotten, but there are still some things fresh in my mind: endless baskets of bread, kaymak (similar to clotted cream, and devoured with copious amounts of honey and bread), the winding streets of Cihangir, showering every street cat ever with love, using locals as shields when crossing busy streets (sorry guys), and stopping at juice stands at least twice a day for fresh pomegranate juice.

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to look through my mom’s photos, which she kept in a bag in the closet. I’d take it out every few months, dump the photos on the floor, and spend at least an hour looking at every one of them. I was endlessly fascinated by my parents’ lives before me a – my mom the babe, my dad’s facial hair, unfortunate perms, their early life together traveling across the country (they were carnies and left when I was about 2), faces of friends and relatives I never got to meet or didn’t remember.

I still do this with my own photos, but with hard drives and memory cards instead of a bag of photos tucked in the closet. I decided to not share the same ol’ photos of the Sultanahmet Mosque and Hagia Sophia, but to mix things up a bit with a series of photos of people holding/carrying things. Fascinating, right?!

Like crates.



Simit (bread rings with sesame seeds).

The tram on Istiklal street carrying a gaggle of boys.

bread head
Bread. And a man wearing a confederate flag t-shirt.

Ok, let’s mix things up a bit with some non-carrying things photos. Approaching Galata tower.

derp hagia sophia cat
The derpy Hagia Sophia cat, who I later discovered has her own Tumblr.

Ephesus, once home to 250,000 people. Now home to just about as many cats.

I loved the Saturday market in Selcuk. I still have some paprika, chili pepper, and sumac left from our visit.

Morning breakfasts at our cave hotel in Göreme…

… were enjoyed with this view.

While we don’t have any international trips planned in the near future, I’m really itching to take a day trip to Seattle in the next month or two. I’ve never been and welcome any suggestions!

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  1. Love all the photos, Rose. It reminded me how much I enjoyed my time there (Cappadocia is unreal) but I think you saw more people lifting lots of things than me! (The first pic is impressive!)

    • rose says:

      Unreal is a good way to put Cappadocia! I loved it there. I remember you took a cooking class in Istanbul, right? Not doing something like that is one of my biggest regrets about the trip!

  2. Wow! What a seriously beautiful place. I love looking at travel photos, too :) We’re trying to decide on a honeymoon location and Turkey is in the running. These photos are definitely making me lean in that direction!