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  • so long, san francisco!

    The time has finally come! Cory and I have left the traditional workforce. We were fortunate to have jobs that allowed us to accumulate a considerable amount of savings. Those savings won’t stretch over the course of a couple years in San Francisco, which is why we packed our bags and beloved cat and hopped on a plane to Michigan. We have family in and near Michigan, so we’ve decided to live in Ann Arbor for a year, which is where I went to college. We’re not sure where we’ll move after a year in Ann Arbor, but the world is a big place and we have no intention of putting down roots in one particular place. In the coming months, I’ll go into more detail about what we will be working on – but if you know anything about our professional lives or interests, that should give you a hint. No, I’m not going to become a professional Corgi Cuddler. I wish.


    Our last weeks in San Francisco were a whirlwind of squeezing in visits to our favorite restaurants and exploring places we had never been, but mostly consisted of packing, donating, and selling scraps of our lives (and dignity) on craigslist. And why did we leave perfectly stable-ish (for the videogame industry, that is) jobs? Well, the short answer is the challenges presented to us at our respective jobs no longer satisfied us. I have no doubt that I could have left my job and found work at another company in San Francisco, doing something that aligned more with my passions and making a higher salary, but going the more complicated route of becoming my own boss and never having to “work for the weekend” again sounds like a much more intriguing challenge.


    We’re staying in my hometown Flint, Michigan until our lease in Ann Arbor begins at the end of the summer. Flint is the birthplace of General Motors, and never fully recovered after the auto industry began abandoning the city back in the 70s. In some ways, the city has improved since I left seven years ago – the Farmers’ Market continues to thrive, there are actually businesses opening downtown, and old buildings are being restored into lofts and apartments. But neighborhood murmurings of domestic abuse, dog fighting, crime, and drug addiction are never far away.


    After four years of living in San Francisco and working in a lucrative industry, I’ve been experiencing reverse culture shock in a lot of ways. While it’s been fun to rediscover my hometown, Flint is still a dreary place, and I’ll be relieved when we leave for our little studio apartment in Ann Arbor. That’s not to say I haven’t been enjoying myself at all, though. Our computers are set up in a heavy traffic area part of the house, so I don’t expect to get much work done while we’re here. Luckily, I’ve been able to focus a lot of time on leisure activities I didn’t have much time for when I had an office job, like cooking, reading, teaching myself to knit, taking photos, DIY projects, and getting back into the swing of blogging about it all, of course. See you around more frequently! Well, if anyone is still out there after the death of Google Reader…