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    In the weeks before Cory and I’s secret wedding (elopement, I guess), my friend Josh told me that he commissioned a friend of his to paint something for us. He said it was going to be something NSFW, you know, the type of thing we’d have to hide before family visited. I believed him because we both share the same crass sense of humor. Imagine my surprise when he presented a wholesome family portrait to us:

    sponseller family portrait

    It’s HUGE. Before the wedding, Josh asked me questions about the kind of attire Cory and I would be wearing. I gave him a breakdown of everything, from Cory’s boutonniere to photos of my trial hair and make up. I didn’t think much of this because 1) I thought it would help give him an idea of what to wear (Josh and our friend Maggie were our two witnesses at City Hall) and 2) our wedding was largely a secret, so I relished in sharing all the little details I was planning. Little did I know Josh was sending all those bits of information over to the artist, who began bringing our wedding day to life before it even happened. My favorite part of the painting is Izzy Goo’s pose. It’s based off this photo of her.

    As much as we loved the painting, hanging stuff on the walls in our San Francisco apartment was a no-no, so the painting was propped up on the kitchen table until we departed in June. Its second home was my dad’s attic over the summer, where I was worried that it might actually melt or something. Then we brought it to Ann Arbor, where it lived in our hallway for two months. We were admittedly pretty lazy about unpacking it and getting it on the wall, but we finally did it. The painting finally has a proper place to call home:

    cat painting, rose cory izzy goo sponseller

    (Izzy Goo really enjoys videos of cats meowing and birds chirping.)

    Here’s a close up:

    cat painting, rose cory izzy goo sponseller

    A few days ago, Cory remarked something along the lines of, “I wonder if people will think it’s weird that we have a giant portrait of ourselves on the wall.” Considering we have numerous skulls, doll head planters, and stream strange videos for our cat on the TV, I think the painting is one of the more wholesome things in our apartment.