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    There were three things I really wanted to accomplish in 2012:

    1) Move to a new apartment
    2) Travel to Turkey
    3) Get a dog

    Cory and I decided to stay put in our current place back in June. Long story short, rent control is pretty nice. We’re also going to Turkey in three weeks, which is realllllly exciting. I’ve been to Egypt three times, but it was to study. I’ve never been on an actual vacation before.

    And then we tried to get a dog. Our landlord shot us down and said, “you can get a cat.” A cat? I like cats, but I am a dog person. Then I met Izzy.

    We adopted her four weeks ago from a local shelter. She’s been through a lot. She lost an eye to a bb gun and we’re the third people to adopt her since mid-2011. She’s the sweetest and most trusting cat I’ve ever known. It’s hard to believe there was ever a time in Cory and I’s lives when we weren’t completely covered in cat hair. I look forward to many, many years with her. She’s even amassed something of an internet following already. Who knew the internet liked cats?