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    Greetings from the Sea of Cardboard Boxes and Bubble Wrap.

    We recently moved from Michigan to Portland, Oregon. The original plan was to move to a new city or state every year for the foreseeable future. As it happens, moving is expensive and takes up too way much time (duh, right?). So when our year in Michigan drew to an end, we had to pick a spot that we thought we’d be happy living in for a few years. Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Portland were the top contenders based on things like affordability, culture, walkability… and well, Ye Olde Polar Vortex scared us off from enduring another Midwestern winter, so off to Portland we went.

    Moving was a little bit easier this time around, but it always feels brutal. We purged a lot of our belongings back in San Francisco. Got rid of our bed, couch, microwave, both dressers, more clothing than I can remember, and at least 100 books. Now we sleep on a Japanese-style futon, I miss the couch, but do not miss the microwave and wonder why we even had one in the first place. More purging this time too, but I still have plenty of little tchotchkes and rarely used kitchenware that are sure to stick around for years.

    Portland is ridiculously pretty. Neither of us had been to Portland or Oregon before the move. Our cab driver from the airport asked if we were returning from our honeymoon because we seemed to be so excited to be coming to home. There was a bit of a tangle in that honeymoon phase when we walked into our apartment for the first time and discovered it was smaller than we expected. About 100 square feet smaller, we later measured. That’s pretty significant when you already know you’re moving somewhere small. The lack of storage space in the kitchen is the biggest disappointment. In the end, I’m thankful that Cory and I really like each other. I wouldn’t want to share this shoebox with anyone else. We’ll be happy enough here, but we are planning to pack up our things again in a year to move to a place that’s a little bit bigger. Moving within the city will certainly be less stressful than across the country.

    Everything has been unpacked, but the apartment is still littered with boxes and bubble wrap. I still stumble into the bathroom in the dark forgetting where the light switch is, but I’m cooking again. I’ve returned to meal planning, washing, drying and storing large batches of greens, canning, freezing small batches of herbs, drying herbs, freezing scraps for vegetable stock, and that’s how I know I’m at home again. In Ann Arbor, I had a backlog of recipes to share and that backlog keeps piling up. Hopefully I’ll have something posted in a few days, but first I have 10 pounds of berries and 25 pounds of tomatoes to can.

    See you soon!

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    After two months with my dad in Flint, we’re finally back in our own place. We had a good summer eating the bounty from dad’s garden, taking a quick trip to Chicago, indulging in childhood comfort foods, and learning how to can from my dad. Sharing a bedroom for 2 months with my husband surrounded by posters, VHS tapes, and CDs from my teenage years quickly lost its novelty. We had a fun “summer vacation”, but it still felt like we were in limbo. We didn’t get any work done since we didn’t have enough space to set up our computers properly.


    We moved into our new apartment last Friday, on what seemed to be one of the hottest days of the year. Silly me for always insisting on moving to pre-WWII buildings without air conditioning, right? The apartment is a not-quite-400-square-foot studio in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, just next to the Food Co-Op and farmers market. Bubble wrap and cardboard boxes still lurk in every corner, but our desks and computers are set up, the kitchen is stocked, books are shelved, and IKEA furniture has been assembled. There’s still some clean up and organization to do and a few decorating projects — replacing the blinds with curtains, hanging up artwork, and finding a new rug, but I finally feel at home again. Not to mention I’ve already made granola, yogurt, and bought a pound of lard. I’m feeling very Ann Arbor.


    This is the moment I’ve been waiting for and the reason why we left our cozy office jobs 3 months ago. I am now my own boss and the master of my own destiny. IT’S TIME TO DO… STUFF. Yeah!