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  • link lovin’ – january 2014


    – It was something like minus -37 degrees a few nights ago, but instead of complaining I’ll just say that Cory and I had a lot of fun sword fighting with icicles.

    – Three family members bestowed us with Zingerman’s gift cards for Christmas. I’m thankful to have people in my life who understand that we are too snobby for Applebee’s. This week’s trip included acquiring a cinnamon bun larger than my face.

    – My creepy mousepad from BENWINEWIN makes me absurdly happy. I swear, one part of my brain is swimming around in pastels and pretty things and the other part is obsessed with skulls.

    – I haven’t been big on New Year’s resolutions in the past, but I sure have a lot of them this year. Now that I’ve ventured into the scary world of self-employment, I’ve set an awful lot of goals for myself. I haven’t been on top of blogging as I’d like to be, but that’s OK because I have new a best friend and her name is

    – Armed with a lovely new cookbook, I’ll be sharing some Turkish recipes in the coming weeks. Until then, here’s what I’ve been reading on the web:

    // Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet – I grew up on the internet. It’s where discovered a world outside of my hometown, made countless friends, and met the man who became my husband. I’ve been sharing parts of my life online for almost 20 years, from the days of Geocities and g*URLpages (shout out to anyone who remembers that) to this blog. I’m sadly all too familiar with the experiences the women in this piece had.

    // My friend Coco recently launched a beauty and makeup blog. I’ve missed her writing so much: “Listen, my face is already slathered in bee venom, snail secretions, and fermented soybeans. If you think something is going to stop me from putting donkey milk all over my hands, you’d have to wait until they’re cold and dead to pry it away from them.”

    // Current desktop wallpaper courtesy of Sarah Hearts.

    // I hope this is Siberian bear-hunting armor is real.

    // When a client asks, “what’s your rate?” I am totally guilty of the sweet old lady response.

    // XO Sarah’s excellent tips on how to work from home through the winter.

    // Next time I go to Trader Joe’s, I need to stock up on cashews to make An Edible Mosaic’s coconut and vanilla cashew mix.

    // We have been making soups and stews to keep us warm on chilly nights. Holey Moley Veggie and Rice Soup from the taste space is on my to-make list.

    // Lamb Rendang from the Crepes of Wrath is making me long for the Asian supermarkets of San Francisco.

    // For some reason I bought four pounds of coconut flour last year. I still have a bunch of it and this breakfast cake from So… Let’s Hang Out looks like a delicious way to use some of it up.

    // Cory made these dreamy scones to snack on with our afternoon tea. Yeah, afternoon tea. We’re fancy.

  • i got married!

    Paper flower bouquet and boutonniere by Floral Loft in San Francisco

    On April 2nd, I married the love of my life! We purposefully kept things quiet. We married on a Tuesday, but only told our parents the Saturday before. They were all incredibly excited (and secretly wondering when we’d be getting married anyway!), but my dad was so excited he booked a last minute flight to San Francisco to spend the day with us. Neither of us wanted a big wedding, so we went to the beautiful San Francisco City Hall to make it legal. It was just my dad and two of our friends in attendance. Our friends, Maggie and Josh, were kind enough to spend the day as our paparazzi. They ended up taking 1,700 photos for us and video of the ceremony itself, which our parents will certainly appreciate.

    San Francisco City Hall Wedding

    San Francisco City Hall Wedding

    Ice Cream Bar, San Francisco

    After the ceremony at City Hall, we shared champagne and lunch at Cafe Zuni, which was followed by old timey sugar-filled goodness at The Ice Cream Bar. Dinner was devoured at a neighborhood favorite, Nopa. Cory and I then spent the night at Chateau Tivoli, a wonderfully creepy Victorian mansion converted into a bed & breakfast. We stayed in the Luisa Tetrazzini suite, named after the 19th century opera singer who frequented the mansion. The bed we slept on once belonged to Charles de Gaulle. Weird, but cool! We had an absolute blast, and were very thankful that our friends and my dad could share our special day with us.

    Chateau Tivoli, Luisa Tetrazzini Suite

    I’ve managed to dwindle down the 1,700 photos to 286. That’s still a lot, but feel free to take a look at the album on Flickr. Although our wedding was a very small affair, we still did a fair amount of planning. Here’s a breakdown of many of the details that went into our wedding day. I highly recommend everything, especially the paper flower boutonniere and paper flower bouquet from the Floral Loft and Susie Chhuour’s make up and hair wizardry.

    Paper flower bouquet – The Floral Loft
    Paper boutonniere – The Floral Loft
    Suit – Banana Republic
    Wedding dress – Dolly Couture
    Dinner dress – Anthropologie
    Mustard kitten heels – ModCoth
    Pearl necklace – Ruche
    Gold leaf bobby pins – Etsy
    Hair and makeup – Susie Chhuour

    Zuni Cafe – I love snobby pizzas.
    The Ice Cream Bar – everything is good. Bring a camera for excellent photo ops.
    Nopa – book reservations at least a week in advance.
    Sweet Maple – morning after breakfast. Get the deep fried french toast and millionaire’s bacon.

    Chateau Tivoli